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Or, better yet, show us how compatible we already are by showing us each other's professional ambitions, lifestyle, and other actually relevant deetz from the very beginning. out-of-office email signatures provide more information than that. Tell us where you like to drink coffee on Sunday morning!

with so much tempation and options, people tend to move from one to antoher so quickly and on top of that, have 4 or five going on at once.

But then came the painful reminder that dating apps and online dating were still, like, you know, the internet. At the end of the day, we gotta ask: Who wants to swipe through those hundreds of people if none of them have similar interests? Whether you prefer dive bars in Brooklyn, speakeasies in Manhattan, or play the forever satisfying game of blind pick-em' in Queens, you can connect immediately over your favorite spots—or have an excuse to say, “I’ve been meaning to try that place! ”You know all the cool places in your neighborhood, but even you like to get out of your 10-block radius every once in awhile.

What is it like living/dating in NYC as a young professional (read:lawyer 27-31 age bracket 160K a year salary before taxes) African-American man?

Is it hard to meet level headed attractive women who are attracted to Black men?

" says Stanger, a third-generation matchmaker who opened her own service in 2000. They want to hold on to their money, and they’re in no rush to find a mate."But she wants her clients — those who pay to be in the Millionaire’s Club, on which the show is based — and New York women in general to remain hopeful."All you need to find is one guy," she says with a wink. Stanger offers these tips on how to find that special someone in New York.1. Make sure that a guy you're seeing understands that."3. You can't fall in love with a guy unless you hear their voice. GET ACTIVE"First, figure out what types of guys you like, and what they enjoy doing," Stanger says. Remember, you're not going to find a man by sitting around.

DON'T JUDGE"On my show, I heard women turning up their nose about guys who didn't live in the right neighborhood," she says, referring to a woman who wouldn’t date a man who lived in a different borough. Stop judging, at least until you go on the first date."2. SAY IT, DON'T TYPE IT"Stop responding to guys who only use text messages! If you can lock on to a man's voice, you can connect to it. "Together with your girlfriends, rotate buying tickets to Yankees, Knicks or Rangers games, or better yet, go watch a game at a bar!

It will probably take you days, if not weeks, to admit to your friends that it happened, but it’s a fact: you will be stood up.

In most cases it will be because the person you’re supposed to meet was pushed into the date in the first place.

The biggest red flag in the dating world is poor treatment of servers. There are a lot of options in NYC and many approach this by dating more than one person at the same time.

It’s not easy to run into someone you thought you were ready to get serious with when he's out on a date with someone else.

And let's not even attempt to unravel everything wrong with the internet. With The Inner Circle, you can check out the list of favorite hangout spots the other awesome single people have already vetted and given their approval. Online dating has come a long way and the stigma once associated with it being for losers has almost disappeared.

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