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There's more than wigs and nail polish, talking dirty into a phone, swinging on a pole, checking a tampon string, and evading undercover vice if you step over a legal line.

In Teresa Dulce's world of sex work, and for the volunteers who run the Danzine organization, there's a whole lot more: There's the element of learning how to agitate for social change, planning and delivering presentations, participating in colloquiums, running health care programs, and getting the word out about health-related resources.

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Portland was the first city in the country to hold a festival of films entirely by sex workers, and has been followed only by San Francisco so far.

I spoke with Teresa about the film festival and the overall climate of the sex industry in Portland.

What's your main goal in presenting the film festival? A lot of people have opinions about us and have never set foot in a strip club, never seen a porn movie, never even looked through a magazine. Sometimes we feel compelled to just tell all the good stories because we want to defend our right to work and our right to be who we are.

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Russell Howard Ewing of Vassar was captured in Florida (Martin County), with according to reports, plans on fleeing the country via boat to Puerto Rico.

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