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-null mice grew normally and appeared healthy; however, the males were sterile due to massive apoptotic death of their germ cells after postnatal day 14. Detailed analyses revealed that the gene caused increased transcription of the long interspersed nucleotide element (Line-1) and the intracisternal A-particle (IAP) retrotransposons, accompanied by demethylation of their promoter regions.

She also said the Cabinet Office would publish guidance for departments' use of number prefixes "shortly", adding that the Government "believes it is inappropriate for callers to pay high call charges for accessing vital public services".

The move follows a Public Accounts Committee report last month that found more than 100 million calls by the public to central Government departments were charged at a premium rate.

executive director Richard Lloyd said: "We're pleased the Government has extended the Consumer Rights Directive to include travel firms and that it has now agreed and clarified that basic rate does not include pricey 084 or 087 numbers.

"We look forward to seeing the guidance to stop public bodies using high rate numbers and we expect the Financial Conduct Authority to introduce similar measures in financial services to ensure that there are no exceptions and put an end to costly calls across the board." On Thursday regulator Ofcom announced measures to make calls to businesses or services on freephone numbers free from mobile phones as well as landlines.

Sirtuins (SIRT1–7) are proteins with deacetylase and ADP-ribosylase activities and are involved in multiple cellular processes such as metabolism, stress response, and longevity (Haigis et al, 2006; Liu et al, 2013).

SIRT1, SIRT6, and SIRT7 are located in the nucleus, SIRT2 in the cytoplasm, and SIRT3, SIRT4, and SIRT5 in the mitochondria (Laurent et al, 2013).

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Calling an 084 or 087 number can cost as much as 41p per minute from a mobile.

David Hickson of the Fair Telecoms campaign said: "We are delighted. Although these regulations have some gaps in them, we are seeing that public pressure is having the desired effect." John Lewis has confirmed it will drop 084 numbers in favour of "geographical numbers" that charge normal landline prices.

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