Updatepanel hidden field not updating

The controls themselves don’t interfere with MS AJAX directly, but if you’re sticking the controls inside of an AJAX Update Panel() there’s a problem as the script code that the controls spit out don’t get properly generated into the callback generated updates.

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The grid navigator will also work without refreshing the page.

To add an update panel to your page select it from the "Forms" tab of the Toolbox window.

package org.primefaces.misc; import javax.faces.application.

I'm looking for the most efficient / standard way of passing data between client-side Java Script code and C# code behind an ASP. I've been using the following methods to achieve this but they all feel a bit of a fudge.

This means that you can add or remove the "Update Panel" feature to/from existing panels.

The following Ajax feature properties can also be adjusted: Specifies whether the "Update Panel" content should be refreshed when actions are performed on components included within the panel.

For example a hover panel placed into an update panel will lose it’s positioning in many cases and instead of popping up at the current mouse cursor position will pop up at the border of the container control it lives in.

The problem is that Microosft decided in MS AJAX Beta to go with a completely separate script generation engine which is driven through the Script Manager control.

From that comment you're still able to perform all the work at the server - load/process/return - so, in the first instance, I'd do just that.

Format the data as json, include the json when you render the page (a literal will let you do this).

The end result of all of this is that it’s not exactly straight forward to deal with this mismatch and what needs to happen is that a wrapper object needs to be created that can decide which control to use.

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