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(Covenant Life is no longer a part of the Sovereign Grace network.)Her investigation, “The Sex Scandal that Devastated a Suburban Megachurch,” chronicles the inside story of crimes against children in D.C.-area Sovereign Grace churches, explores how church leaders including founder C. Mahaney did and did not respond, and recounts how victims’ mothers joined forces to seek justice.

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"Yes, we have been the target of misinformed critique in both the secular and Christian media, and more will likely come," he stated.

"I pray that God gives us all grace to respond wisely and biblically.

Some parents don’t let their grown adult daughters leave the house without permission.

Or do anything without their permission for that matter.

Unlike the hierarchical Catholic Church, evangelical churches often function independently.

But their influence is widespread—as Stanley points out, Wayne Grudem, an evangelical theologian at Phoenix Seminary, once described Sovereign Grace Ministries “as an example of the way churches ought to work.” investigation, executive director of Sovereign Grace Churches Mark Prater pointed TIME to a lengthy statement he made in 2014 denying that Sovereign Grace leaders "conspired to cover up" sexual abuse.

His leave came days after a former top Sovereign Grace pastor distributed hundreds of pages of e-mails and internal church documents that portrayed Mahaney as fixated on the sins of everyone below him, particularly critics.

The documents, which included discussions among the pastors, showed Mahaney and others threatening the movement’s co-founder, saying they would make private family details public if the man were too openly critical of Sovereign Grace as he left.

In seeking to make this connection between our spiritual state – our spiritual health – and fruit – …

journalists who documented the massive child molestation scandal and cover-up in the Catholic Church, is up for Best Picture at this year’s Oscars—but similar abuses in evangelical communities have not received the same public scrutiny.

But regardless of the public discourse, we are strongly committed to ensuring a safe environment for the children in our churches."In a statement to TIME, Mark Mitchell, the executive pastor of Covenant Life Church, said that along with the broader educational community the church had learned much over the last few decades about how to respond to reports of abuse and care for victims and families.

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