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This was a bold statement, given that Andorra's market share had declined sharply in each of the four previous seasons. Andorra had offered cut-price deals to UK tour operators so that they could sell bargain holidays last season.

But he was correct: Andorra did have a better season. Its penetration of the UK market was bound to increase. Because it had steadily declined in popularity among British skiers from 2005 onwards.

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In 1957 a local farmer, Francesc Viladomat, figured out that Andorra's sloping fields could more profitably be used for skiing than for agriculture. Although Andorra attracted skiers from the neighbouring countries, Spain and France, it was UK tour operators that provided the bedrock of the business, flying in planeloads for a week at a time right through the season.

Andorra couldn't compete with France and Austria, so it didn't try.

Once dubbed "Ibiza on ice", Andorra is seeing a new wave of what Tracey Chorlton, a local agent, describes as "quietly wealthy" investors looking to own somewhere that doesn't levy income tax or inheritance tax.

One legacy of the cheap skiing is some pretty ugly resorts, but away from unattractive towns, such as the capital, La Vella, there are quiet villages and beautiful mountain vistas with more restrained development.

In addition, she says, prices have recently plateaued, creating a buyer's market.

Her agency, Promocions l'Entrada, has studios and one-bedroom apartments priced from £110,000, with around £200,000 to £400,000 buying two to three bedrooms.Then there's the first-class education and healthcare on offer, and a ski season lasting five months, which, due to Andorra's high altitude, is pretty snow-sure.Andorra does attract those who want to stash away their wealth, but Chorlton says that buyers don't tend to be flashy and neither are the properties on offer.The former builder from Liverpool had been our daughter's instructor for a couple of days and offered to ski with us to the refuge that he reckons has the finest food in the valley Apart from the mortification of having a ski-instructor like John – he's one of a handful of top Grade 4 instructors – watching your every move, it was a great way to celebrate a week of endless sunshine and sublime end-of-season skiing.We stayed at the Hotel Himalaia, a homely place that has four-stars but should probably give one up, in Soldeu (pictured above), the highest resort in the Grandvalira and one of its sunniest – the name means Sun God in Catalan.There are a few end-of-season visitors like us, but mainly it's full of sleek, orange-jacketed men and women of the Belgian ski team, here for some last-minute training, as well as many of Grandvalira's ski-instructors who are now free to enjoy the last few days on their own before packing up until next season.

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