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Sex toys continue to get more high-tech, and it looks like the future includes an even more interactive experience. The videos can transmit synchronized pulses to a wireless sex toy that's been connected to correspond with what's happening in the video.Pornhub has recently launched new videos that can sync up with sex toys — but, unfortunately, they don't connect to female-friendly devices. In order to sync up a device, you have to download the Feel Connect app and then connect your sex toy.He was arrested July 20 when members of that unit searched his home and seized several devices, including laptop computers, hard drives and an i Pad, authorities said.

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Right now, the interactive channel only connects to two sex toys geared toward men — the Kiiroo Onyx and and the Fleshlight Launch.

Women have to wait a little longer for Pornhub videos that can sync up to their favorite toys, but the adult-entertainment site plans to expand the channel to incorporate the Kiiroo Pearl 2 vibrator and women's devices from other brands as well.

Peter said “Guys, we could kill a tune like this.” and that day he started tinkering with keys line on his phone in Garageband.

We've talked a lot about the mainstream media's depiction of love, romance and sex over the years.

Update: The interactive videos work with female devices but some scenes are not accurate, Pornhub told Refinery29.

The company says it will have more than 100 female-specific videos in about a month, along with female-focused subtitles that will vibrate in the female perspective.

The videos included one of a prepubescent girl performing a sexual act on a man, authorities said. 23 to second-degree distribution of child pornography, a crime punishable by five to 10 years in prison.

In pleading guilty, he admitted that he knowingly used file-sharing software to make multiple files containing child pornography readily available for any other user to download from a shared folder on his computer.“Operation Statewide highlighted how our Internet Crimes Against Children Task Force enlists law enforcement throughout the state to arrest criminals who drive the cruel exploitation of children by sharing child pornography online,’’ Porrino said.

Particularly about how hetero-Hollywood porn affects the way young people discover sex and the unrealistic and male-pleasure-centric ideas it forms and perpetuates.

The more that people buy into the examples of sex/romance they see, and the less they tune into the actual wants and needs of their bodies/hearts, the more fucked up sexual relationships can become. We're not trying to say “mainstream porn is bad - don't watch it” but more “if you're going to rely on any outside sources to learn what your body likes - it might be a good idea to listen to your own personal fantasies as well” because those are just as fun.

Some of Hollywood’s biggest female stars including Margot Robbie, Sophie Turner, Kristen Stewart, Amanda Seyfried, Dove Cameron, Elisha Cuthbert, Jennifer Love Hewitt, and Olivia Wilde get exposed having hardcore sex in porn films in the video above.

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