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Banned: Porn Having porn on your phone, tablet or computer could land you in seriously hot water if you touched down in Saudi Arabia.

audi Arabia is a country whose sole constitution is based on the Quran - the religious text of Islam.

If people in SA find themselves in a legal pickle, it's down to each individual judge to interpret the laws as there's no official written rules.

But for the film version you’d definitely have the real FBI there, under the command of a world-weary Edward Norton, who would count the disgraced officials out through the lobby before ordering a very large sandwich.

And yet, if we were shocked by any of this, perhaps we shouldn’t have been.

Banned: Taking pictures of buildings You're on holiday so you're going to snap pictures all the time, right? Photographing government buildings, military installations, and palaces is not allowed.

One should also avoid photographing local people - especially Saudi Arabian men without their permission - and don't point a camera in the direction of women.I also used the extra battery pack, although it wasn’t really necessary for this short trip.Doing the math: The flight is around an hour – taking a picture every 2 seconds results in 30 pics per minute – which means 1 minute realtime flight is 1 sec of clip footage with 30fps. The final clip consists of more than 2000 single photos – we have the start and landing included. Fuad Hasanovic and his wife were accorded a warm welcome by Mr.Moideen about the possibility of opening GMU branch campus in Macedonia, Professors and Doctors visits/exchange programs to Gulf Medical University, Sponsorship of students from Macedonia to study in GMU, Medical Tourism etc. Fuad Hasanovic congratulated the President of Gulf Medical University, Mr.And then, at the bottom of the screen, we would see the FBI moving in.

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