Consolidating dispatch police services

Birthdays, Anniversaries, Illness, Celebrations, Sympathies, Weddings, Funerals and Special Events, Holiday Parties and best of all "Just Because".

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There were calls for OPS to be merged with the Los Angeles County Sheriff's Department (LASD) in 19, but the attempts have been repeatedly rebuffed by its officers, the Board of Supervisors, or LASD for various reasons.

The primary reason cited was the inability of the Executive/Command Staff to perform the Administrative functions necessary to effectively manage a modern law enforcement entity of this size.

Pennsylvania changed in the late 1800s from a largely agricultural State into a complex industrial center.

By 1900, it found itself torn by bitter disputes between managers and the laborers they employed.

OPS was initially a division of the Los Angeles County Department of Human Resources but was placed under the umbrella of the newly created Public Safety branch of the Chief Executive Office in 2007.

OPS originated from the consolidation of various County departments' security forces.

To provide themselves protection that the Commonwealth did not provide, the coal and steel operators persuaded the State Legislature to authorize the creation of what became the infamous Coal and Iron Police.

For one dollar each, the State sold to the mine and steel mill owners, commissions conferring police power upon whomever the owners selected.

Anyone who may be needing to send flowers, someone having a wedding or special event.

Flowers for bereavement for the immediate family as well as friends, relatives and colleagues or business association.

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