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Royal Holloway even has a central London base in Bedford Square in Bloomsbury.

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Having visited Royal Holloway last open day I was absolutely 100% sure that Royal Holloway was going to be my first choice.

However, as the months went on and I did more and more research into the universities that I was going to choose, I came across far more than one negative review of Royal Holloway as a university, and it got me thinking: is Royal Holloway really for me?

Despite his friendship with director Benh Zeitlin the producers were hesitant to hire Richardson to shoot the entire film as he had never shot a feature.

After the producers had failed to find a veteran cinematographer appropriate for the project, Richardson shot a test reel on his own and presented it to them, and was subsequently hired.

Recent Papers - Juliane Hennig - The Mesozoic tectono-magmatic evolution at the Paleo-Pacific subduction zone in West Borneo.

S1342937X16304336 Tim Breitfeld - A Triassic to Cretaceous Sundaland-Pacific subduction margin in West Sarawak, Borneo. S0040195116305881 Max Webb - Age and nature of Triassic magmatism in the Netoni Intrusive Complex, West Papua, Indonesia.

Thanks a lot if you do reply, anything any one can give me will really help me in terms of whether I decide to choose Royal Holloway as my firm/insurance as I have got a conditional offer from there!

Royal Holloway’s international reputation for research gives you the opportunity to learn from and alongside some of the world’s leading researchers.

The university is 16th in the UK for world-class research, with a number of departments in the top ten.

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