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Ladies and gentlemen may I ask for your attention for a moment? Shouldn’t we get out of here soon Chrono Days Sim Date?

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A year later, her father gets a new job in West Cigam, and she and her family move into the summer home.

She encounters Haru, Daichi, and Kai again, who remember her from last summer.

It has not been easy for this year you have my dear guests Displayed great ingenuity.

Ladies and gentlemen our three judges have now chosen among the many festive and colorful costumes.

You begin the game by giving your character a name and distributing 15 points across three stats (Charm, Wisdom and Magic).

Once that's done, a rather lengthy intro awaits to familiarize you with your character and the first of five bachelors you can have a romance with.As it is with other titles in the series, your goal is to form a relationship with one of the game's eligible bachelors within 30 days.This is accomplished by engaging in conversation and learning more about them, spending time with them on dates as well as unlocking the occasional coffin.The game is classified as an Otome Game, but to get the romantic relationships with the boys, you may need help from the walkthrough ...A better game review - White Butterfly DOWNLOAD RE: Alistair .....Find a way out, find the truth, and find your way into the hearts of others.

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