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by Laura Sheahan, Rebecca Phillips and Deborah Caldwell, (6/02) • Accused Baltimore Priests and Cardinal Keeler's letter explaining the list This page gathers the lists of accused priests (see below) that have been released by dioceses and religious orders, since the first such list was posted by the Diocese of Tucson on June 21, 2002. Kicanas [3] was co-adjutor bishop at the time, and the Dallas charter's goal of transparency was cited as the rationale for the release. Keeler [4] released a list for the Archdiocese of Baltimore on September 25, 2002 and explained that he and the other U. bishops were making "an absolute commitment" to disclosure in order to earn forgiveness and rebuild trust – the church's "crisis of trust" was brought on, he wrote, by "horrible and criminal actions, and by inaction and secrecy." Keeler was criticized by some for posting his list; one commentator wrote that he had "burnished his reputation by trashing the reputations of his priests." The Baltimore list was removed from the archdiocesan website before Keeler's retirement in 2007, and for a decade under his successors, Cardinal Edwin F. We are preparing materials to document this new development. Roman Catholic Dioceses by State - a convenient map and list, with links to diocesan Web sites, bishops' email addresses, and parish directories, presented by Parishes Online Portrait of the Accused - NY Times summary table and charts of accused priests, with spreadsheet of the summary data (1/12/03) • Catholic Bishops and Sex Abuse - Dallas Morning News • America's Worst Bishops: Which Bishops Have Made the Worst Decisions about Abusive Priests? The archdiocese recently – apparently in late March 2016 – restored the list to their website in a supplemented version.

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Unstructured data is a generic label for describing data that is not contained in a database or some other type of data structure . Textual unstructured data is generated in media like email messages, Power Point presentations, Word documents, collaboration software and instant messages.

Non-textual unstructured data is generated in media like JPEG images, MP3 audio files and Flash video files.

When Oak Street Health, a Chicago-based network of seven primary-care clinics, began looking for investors last year for expansion, it talked with about 40 private-equity funds.

About 15 firms came to Chicago to conduct due diligence, and most ended up bidding, said Oak Street CEO Mike Pykosz, whose group focuses on coordinating care for patients in traditional Medicare and Medicare Advantage plans.

Yet the general impulse to make some of that information public has come from outside the church.

The first list of accused priests and religious was embedded in the index of Lead Us Not into Temptation, the fundamental 1992 history of the crisis by Jason Berry [number 1 in the photos above].

Primary-care groups that can demonstrate better quality and lower costs in managing medically complex patients will be valuable in a healthcare system that will increasingly reward cost-effective care.“It's a land-grab right now,” Spaanstra said.

“These are very small companies that are really just getting started.

According to the "IDC Enterprise Disk Storage Consumption Model" report released in Fall 2009, while transactional data is projected to grow at a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 21.8%, it's far outpaced by a 61.7% CAGR prediction for unstructured data.

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