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there wasn't much information pertaining to my problem, or any kind of support for that matter.

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Beginning in 2006, Yahoo made known its intention to provide a web interface for Yahoo! Mail integrated much of the rudimentary features of Messenger beginning in 2007, Yahoo did not succeed initially in integrating archival of chat conversations into Mail.

Messenger, culminating in the Gmail-like web archival and indexing of chat conversations through Yahoo! Instead, a separate Adobe Flex-based web messenger was released in 2007 with archival of conversations which take place inside the web messenger itself.

Messenger for Unix was released in September 2003, while an unofficial beta (v1.0.6) from a Yahoo employee was released around the same time.

A special version was designed to exploit the new design elements of Vista's Windows Presentation Foundation and entitled a whole new user interface and features.

It’s September 2011, and I’m sitting on the edge of my bed. Where we find it’s more awkward to say “no” than to lie there like a dead fish, wondering why your date isn’t picking up on the fact that you’re not kissing back.

Next to me is the guy that I just went on a really successful date with – you know, the kind of awesome where I didn’t try to sneak glances at my phone for entertainment. We want our lack of enthusiasm to be enough – because, hell, it is.

i received a generic form letter response, two days and four more form submissions later.

nothing was done and i was not contacted again, so after another day had passed i tracked down a phone number and decided to try and talk to a real person. after a 25 minute, facial tic-inducing, head full of muzak yahoo!

No, don’t get me wrong, I am not going to start a lecture on the deteriorating moral health of ‘gen- next’ Indians nor am I thinking of writing an essay on the deep pits of (moral) turpitude that our country has fallen into.

Why does some random guy send me a mail requesting for sex chat all of a sudden?

Then one fine morning, this ‘sex chat’ thing got my fancy.

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