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A Los Angeles man who forced a 15-year-old Riverside girl to work as a prostitute and threatened to torture her if she didn’t make enough money has been charged with human trafficking, police say.Riverside County juvenile probation officials contacted the Los Angeles Police Department on May 4, after the teen told officers that she was a victim of the sex trade, according to an LAPD statement.California is one of the top three states in the nation for the human trafficking trade, according to the Riverside County Anti-Human Trafficking Task Force, a part of the Sheriff’s Department.

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Los Angeles prosecutors have officially charged the California man accused of secretly drugging his dinner date’s wine in front of three good Samaritans who found and warned the woman.

Michael Hsu, 24, was charged Tuesday with one felony count each of administering a drug and assault with intent to commit a sex crime, the Los Angeles District Attorney said.

Forget all the Los Angeles destination dates you've seen on every episode of every reality television show.

Los Angeles is more than just overpriced dinners and helicopter rides through Malibu.

Please know that due to the fact that it has always been safer for men to be out as sexual beings, we receive far more applications from single, cisgender, heterosexual males than we do from women and all other genders and orientations and relationship statuses combined.

So, men, please be aware that although your application may have a higher probability of being declined, please do not let this stop you from applying if you are confident that you have much to CONTRIBUTE TO OUR COMMUNITY.TIP: If you are not fond of typing on a phone or tablet, please consider completing and submitting your application on a computer. ================================ APPLICATION GUIDELINES (7 steps) (1) All applicants must be at least 21 years of age.(2) Couples (and moresomes) must complete separate, individual applications, AND reference (3) If an existing member has recommended you: -- reference the existing member by both their actual name & Meetup name -- have the existing member message the membership team about you (4) A reasonably recognizable face photo must be used: -- no sunglasses -- no heavy filters -- decent resolution -- decent sizing -- cropped to include only yourself (5) Understand that your application will become your profile if you are approved: -- profiles are visible to fellow SPLA members -- remember we are a private group (6) Read: -- What is the SPLA Level system?It was Kenyon who saw the man allegedly slip a substance into his date’s wine glass.She recalled relaxing with her friends over a charcuterie platter when she noticed Hsu looking “completely suspicious.” “He was looking over his right shoulder, over his left shoulder, like the way you do to make sure no one is paying attention.Topic: This is the 5th episode of my dating panel interview series for 2017 where I’m interviewing singles and couples about their dating experiences in regards to their race, age, religion, sexual orientation, gender, and lifestyle.

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