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Not all LMS risk factors are listed directly below, some are listed in the separate section they belong to, further down on this page.Among the environmental exposures associated with STS are: external radiation therapy (prevalence of radiation-induced sarcoma: 0.17-0.21%), Thorotrast [a contrast Xray dye no longer used], arsenical pesticides and medications, chlorophenols, phenoxy herbicides, dioxin, vinyl chloride, immunosuppressive drugs, alkylating agents, androgen-anabolic steroids, human immunodeficiency virus, human herpes virus type 8 [Kaposi's sarcoma] chronically edematous arms after radical mastectomy for breast cancer (Stewart-Treves syndrome) Fetch PMID: 11441293 Fetch PMID: 11688207 Fetch PMID: 9344316 Fetch PMID: 14533826 Partly because of sarcoma rarity, scant attention has been given to their hereditary etiology. In one of these families, 16 relatives had sarcomas, with 2 of the 16 each having 2 metachronous [at the same time] sarcomas; to our knowledge, this represents the greatest number of sarcomas reported in any family described to date.A Selected Chronological Bibliography of Biology and Medicine — Part II Ca. Mary Anning (GB) was celebrated as the outstanding fossil collector of her time.

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Each breakthrough—network protocols, hypertext, the World Wide Web, the browser—inspired another as narrow-tied engineers, long-haired hackers, and other visionaries built the foundations for a world-changing technology.

Keenan Mayo and Peter Newcomb let the people who made it happen tell the story.

Fifty years ago, in response to the surprise Soviet launch of Sputnik, the U. military set up the Advanced Research Projects Agency.

It would become the cradle of connectivity, spawning the era of Google and You Tube, of Amazon and Facebook, of the Drudge Report and the Obama campaign.

Soft tissue sarcoma (STS) accounts for approximately 1% of all cancers diagnosed annually in the United States.

Population-based data from Connecticut covering the years 1935-1989 have shown an increasing incidence of STS in both genders, with a greater increase among men than women.

William Hyde Wollaston (GB) isolated cystic oxide (cystine) from unusual kidney stones (2227, 3795). Jöns Jakob von Berzelius (SE) named it cystine (Gk. Karl Axel Hampus Mörner (SE) was the first to isolate cystine from a protein hydrolysate (animal horn) (2387). (DE) was the first to synthesize cystine (1040, 1041).

Louis Antoine Planche (FR) observed that extracts of plant roots would turn alcoholic solutions of guaiac resin a blue color.

In one study the authors selected 10 sarcoma-prone families ... Two familial atypical multiple-mole melanoma syndrome kindreds with the CDKN2A mutation showed the association of sarcoma with malignant melanoma, whereas one family had several pancreatic carcinomas.

Other families with sarcoma had hereditary nonpolyposis colorectal carcinoma with MSH2 mutation, hereditary breast carcinoma with BRCA1 mutation, and p53 mutation in a Li-Fraumeni syndrome.

Professor Emeritus of Biology Delta State University Box 3262, Cleveland, MS 38733 e-mail: [email protected] James Audubon (FR-US) was possibly the first to study the migration of birds by banding (ringing) them (1834).

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