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Tym razem jednak skierowana głównie do pań, ponieważ nasza bohaterka musi poderwać chłopaka/chłopaków.Cała rozgrywka opiera się na umiejętnych wyborach opcji podczas konwersacji oraz ulepszaniu swoich statystyk (i szans u chłopaków).

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If you're looking for a type of Naruto game, I suggest you go check Shinobi Life Online.

If you are a Naruto fan, GET IT If you are a fan of DBZ: B3 or SSBM I would still recommend it.

--------------------------------------------------------- [S3] Basic Controls --------------------------------------------------------- This covers BOTH menu and fighting controls ------Menu Controls------ *Note that in Japanese imports, O selects and X cancels. Sasuke (Level 2) --------------------------------------------------------- [S6] Rpg Mode/Ultimate Contest --------------------------------------------------------- RPG mode is where you will unock all the other characters as well as jutsu and Ougi.

-------------------------------------------------------- [S2] General Overview -------------------------------------------------------- Naruto: Narutimate Hero is the third entry in a series of fighting games based on the popular manga & anime, Naruto.

The game itself can be said to be an extreme cross between Dragon Ball Z: Budokai 3 and Super Smash Bros. It has the HUGE cinematic scenes and power of DBZ: B3 and the stage presence of SSBM.

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