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These handlers can be added to the service deployment descriptor (wsdd file) to add a WS-Security layer to the web service.This is a step by step tutorial for deploying a simple service with Username Token. I’ve personally used version jakarta-tomcat-4.1.31. Then you need to download and install Axis (version 1.2) and WSS4J.I created a web folder webapps under %JBoss_Home%/server/default/deploy (i.e.

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Does anyone could provide me with some info on how to do that?

I am having trouble to deploy the web service in the Jboss server.

To run this tutorial, you must install a JDK (of course). Getting hold of WSS4J and the other jars you may need can be quite tricky.

One way is to download Maven and checkout and build WSS4J through it. setlocalset CLASSPATH=%CLASSPATH%; C:\axis-1_2RC2\lib\axis.jar; C:\axis-1_2RC2\lib\jaxrpc.jar; C:\axis-1_2RC2\lib\commons-logging.jar; C:\axis-1_2RC2\lib\commons-discovery.jar; C:\axis-1_2RC2\lib\saaj.jar;java org.client.

While going through the process I found that there is very little documentation using Apache Axis especially in implementing the code that handles the attachments and I have decided to share my experience with the rest of the community. SEND_TYPE_MIME); int input Attachment Type = Attachments Impl()Send Type();"input Attachment Type : " input Attachment Type); if(input Attachment Type ! SEND_TYPE_MIME) After checking for the correct type of attachment, we need to some how get the contents in the attachment. Although attachment can be used to send images and various other types of content, in our current problem we are just dealing with an XML string.

I have used Tomcat 5.x as the web server to install the web application and uses axis 1.2.1. Once we have the byte array it is easy to get the actual content if we know the type of content.

As a developer very often one faces the following challenges in the context of J2EE web service development with attachments: In this article, I have shown the implementation for all the above three tasks by using Apache Axis and Tomcat. During the later half of last year I worked on a project implementing a client to access a web service written in C# that takes a big chunk of XML string as a DIME attachment.

Recently I implemented a web service with attachments using Axis.

It uses the open source Apache Axis implementation of the web services. Author expects that the intended audience for this article have a basic understanding of J2EE web service development.

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