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If you have a habit of being in rebound involvements, you are The Buffer.

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What if your man is giving you "mixed signals" or telling you that he needs "time to sort things out" or otherwise putting you and your relationship on the backburner?

Would you know what to do and what NOT to do, so that instead of opening him up and bringing him closer, you don't accidentally push him away?

After several years of writing Baggage Reclaim and being asked numerous times “Are they emotionally unavailable?

”, I’ve put together a list of the most common unavailable relationships , as I’ve realised that pretty much everything I’ve heard falls into eleven types of relationship.

You meet this great guy who seems very interested in you. He calls you once a week and you see him one to three times a week – with him it tends to vary. So, how do you find out if he is seeing other women?

Your time together is fun, he “gets” you and you can see falling for this guy. As your dating coach, I want to speak plainly with you.

Is he worth taking yourself off the market and closing out your options?

Does he treat you right and consistent in his attention?

‘Casual’ Relationships – Casual arrangements including Friends With Benefits and booty calls, as well as those who don’t want anything ‘heavy’ and like to keep it ambiguous and unlabelled.

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