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The relationship was with an UNNAMED record producer who is 8 years her senior making him 37 now, she doesnt name names, but he has produced other RB females and he made sure to tell MYA in private that MYA could never be as good as them, and then in interviews he would Talk trash about MYA being a Bitch and Diva.

But MYA hung in the relationship despite this guys treatment, till she found out he had another woman (in the industry) that lived on the West Coast. For the record there is alot of miss-information concerning MYA and she basically but it like this, she hasnt EVER been with 50 cent, Silkk the Shocker, Sisqo, Lil Wayne , she dated the Game threee times.

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And considering that Prince has let Mayte, Carmen Electra and Tony M, Lois Lane open shows in the past, anything is a step up from that.

R&B singer Mya has sparked rumours of a new romance with American football star LARRY JOHNSON after they were spotted enjoying a holiday together in Belize.

Contributed Anonymously: Jawn Murray’s BV Buzz breaks news on Mya dating The Game.

Also, is one-time super-group En Vogue poised to make a comeback?

He was raised in foster care at seven years of age.

He later moved in with his mother and later attended the Crompton High School.After graduation he got a position in the Washington State University but was kicked out.He embraced the thug life, sol drugs and was involved in gangs. A to an Afro- American father named Sherman, while her mother Theresa was of Italian descent.Born and bred as an American citizen, Mya belongs to black ethnicity.If one sees a short background of Jayceon Terrell Taylor (The Game) then he belongs to a poor family that live a criminal area. A twist is come in his life when accidently he meets with a top rapper and he get chance to perform in his group.

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