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() Following features for model group D are improved : 1. () Following features for model group D are available : 1. Supporting new features of KENWOOD Music Editor Ver2.1.0.

If required, follow the instructions in the Trimble Installation Manager to connect to the device.

Note: Refresh signals are limited to one every 15 minutes up to a maximum of three updates within a 24-hour period.

Instructions (PDF) This update has the following new functions for the 4PX/4PX-R: Futaba's SBS-01C sensor, Castle Creations TLO sensor, Steering Curve Micro-Adjustments, Steering Mix/Angle Adjustments, Channel Limiter, Pilot LED Backlight, Model Delete Function, Index Table Function, and Change of the screen when using the Display function.

In a digital age in which technology advances at an ever increasing rate, it is sometimes necessary to perform firmware updates on products in order to keep up with new products and formats.

If you are updating a Tablet, run the Trimble Installation Manager on the Tablet.

In the Trimble Installation Manager, select the device type you want to update.

This would be initiated through the menu of the Denon unit.

If you do not see your model listed below and do not know how to perform a firmware update our customer service team would be happy to assist you. The model number can be found on the front of the unit and in most cases on the back panel of the unit.

JVC KENWOOD Corporation shall not assume liability for any defects, nor warrant anything other than is expressly provided in the agreement.

The selection and introduction of the products as well as the results there from shall be upon the liability of the users.

It even makes my dented quarter panel look good again.

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