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We reached out to Ben Homan (relationship blogger at Top Date Ideas), Stef Safran (matchmaking expert of Stef and the City), and Kalyn Brooke Comings (deals expert at Creative Savings), and put together 101 unique and cheap date ideas to get you started.(You can even do some of these at home, while your kids are sleeping!

One thing every scrapper will tell you is, “When I first started scrapping, I wish I had known…” It’s true: as with any new experience or activity, you learn as you go. After scrapbooking for almost eight years, there are a few things I wish I had known when I started—and a few things I’m glad I did. Wish I Hadn’t: Cut pictures into all kinds of shapes.

Attached to the SMASH book with a handy elastic loop is a pen/glue-stick tool. I included our boarding passes, itinerary, and receipts. The SMASH pads are perfect for journaling your thoughts or facts about different sites you see on vacation.

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It ended up costing me less than $15, including postage (I used Kmart's print service but Vistaprint also have really great global prices) as I went for a small soft cover photo book.

As you can see, the date ideas each have a check box next to them and a date spot so we can tick them off and mark down the date we completed them.

They don't have to just be for special occasions, either; in fact, you should definitely have date nights that are "just 'cuz." The key here is to establish a regular day for your date night -- whether it's on a weekly or monthly basis -- and stick to it.

(And make sure to lock down your babysitter or nanny ahead of time so you don't have to scramble last-minute.)Keep in mind that your date doesn't have to be expensive.

It used to be so easy -- and now it all seems like a distant memory.

The good news is that you can always bring date nights back into your routine.

I guess I was afraid the album company would discontinue them, or that I would never be able to find them again…so I bought 4 albums and 400 page protectors. Just remember, there are lots of supplies out there, and many manufacturers have websites so you can always get more later. Glad I Always: Thought the journaling was important.

Our “entertainment” budget each month is pretty meager, and paying for a babysitter would leave us with very little left for the actual date! (If you’ve got a baby monitor, you can pretty safely head for the yard or the garage, I figure.) Remember: You can get movies from the library for free, and the internet has tons of great resources for things like game ideas you can play, videos to teach you a new skill, even karaoke at home.

A couple of months ago, we decided to try at home date nights every Friday. When you don’t have a restaurant reservation or a movie showtime to make, it’s really easy to find excuses not to have date night.

The only rules are that it has to be inexpensive, and it has to be something that can be done while the baby is asleep upstairs—so cheap dates like walking around the block or running out to the ice cream parlor are off the table. I would LOVE to hear them—and add them to the list!

Since I knew how many photos I took that day, I would leave as many pages as I thought I would need to add the photos when I got home.

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