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Lisa Edelstein: It’s fascinating to approach a marriage while you’re telling the story of a divorce. Janeane Garofalo doesn’t stick around for the entire season. Her character has a definite arc and it has to do with what’s happening in that character’s divorce, but I don’t want to blow that story. He and I felt we could tell the story of a family that had been together for a long time.The PBS special, which finds Laurie performing alongside such blues greats as Irma Thomas and Sir Tom Jones, was a dream come true for part-time musician.There are so many good roles for women out there, I don't understand it when people say the role choices are fewer as you get older.

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She is still trying to be all things for all people and it really bites her in the ass, big time.” It’s a predicament that rings true for Edelstein.

“Abby’s journey reminds me of my own when I was in my 20s,” she said.

“Season 2 starts just a matter of days later, and you will see Abby and Jake try and give things a go just one more time, to see if they’ve learned enough in their painful time apart to actually save their marriage.

Now that she has inadvertently become the face of divorce, staying with her husband is as threatening to her burgeoning new career as leaving him was in the early part of Season 1.

“Lots of mistakes and misjudgments due to inexperience in the big, bad world of dating.

Meanwhile, her career is taking off in an unexpected direction and taking her out of her comfort zone.

The actress famously left her role as House's love Dr Lisa Cuddy after a seven-year run on the show in 2011, opting not to reprise the role for 2012's series ender.

Discussing that decision with "I don't think that show was about happy endings," she stressed.

I hope everyone will get to see this film when it comes to a theater near you.

- without having any regrets about missing the series finale. You file a police report and you leave - and you don't come back for the f**king finale."In spite of Cuddy's sad end, Edelstein says she has nothing but happy memories of her time on the Fox medical drama."It was a great experience. it changed my life," she explained."It ended sadly, but the ending does not change the whole experience."Back in 2011, a "great shock"."Not only was she a great asset to the show as a performer, but we also just miss her company, because she is an absolute hoot to have around," he said at the time.

But, Vicki was a great inspiration for the idea.” Also read: Bravo ' Girlfriends' Guide to Divorce' Star on Banned Ad: ' Why Is It Racy? The decisions that they made, the ideas that they formed about life were made when they were very young and then they’ve lived lives according to those decisions and those decisions weren’t lifelong plans. What can you tell us about Paul Adelstein’s role on the show going forward? And I think it’s much more so than anybody expected when they wrote the pilot.

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