dating italia piemonte mail - Updating old wooden kitchen cabinets

Log accents in this kitchen give the clean design an outdoorsy feel.

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You could even put corbels under the breakfast bar for added dimension and inexpensive customization.

These kitchen cabinets are hopefully in worse shape than yours, but they're not that uncommon.

Do not mix them up or the hinges may not line up properly when you reinstall them.

If you are painting only the drawer fronts, you won’t have to remove the attached slides.

Image courtesy of Collaborative Design Architects Abundant windows and a skylight bring the outdoors into this elegant, rustic kitchen design.

The detailing throughout the space, such as the embellished cabinets and mosaic tile stools, enhance the rustic feel and add an antique look.If you do need to remove the slides, mark them and their locations as well.Even if they don't look dirty, grease and grime have likely worked their way into the surface of your cabinets.Here are 10 of our top kitchen cabinet upgrades, along with step-by-step instructions chock full of pro tips, shopping lists, and tools lists to help you get the job done right.Remove the cabinet doors and drawers and remove all pulls, knobs, latches and other hardware from these parts.This has been a popular design element for years and is showing no signs of changing anytime soon.

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